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Job Options for Development Psychology

The field of psychology offers a bright future for those who apply themselves, and the niche area of development psychology is no different. With the need for psychologists expected to grow faster than average, becoming a developmental psychologist can be a smart career move. Developmental psychology has become a blended field, along with family and child psychology, and developmental psychologists can find employment in counseling centers, hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, schools, human service programs or in private practice. Psychologists earn between $45,000 to $77,000 yearly according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, The higher your degree and experience the better your chance of earning over $100,000 annually as the top 10% of psychologists do.

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Kaplan University

Areas of study you may find at Kaplan University include:

  • Psychology
  • Adult Gerontology Practitioner
  • BS in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • BSCJ: Forensic Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Psychology/General Psychology
  • MSPY - Industrial/Organizational Psychology Specialization
  • Psychology/Addictions
  • Educational Psychology
  • Psychology/Applied Behavioral Analysis

Southern New Hampshire University

Areas of study you may find at Southern New Hampshire University include:

  • Psychology
  • BA Psychology w/conc in Applied Psychology
  • Psychology - Mental Health
  • Psychology - Social Psychology
  • Psychology - Child & Adolescent Dev.
  • Psychology - Addictions
  • Psychology - Child and Developmental Psychology
  • Psychology
  • Psychology - Industrial Organizational Psychology

Ashford University

Areas of study you may find at Ashford University include:

  • Psychology
  • Child Development
  • MA-Psychology

Indiana Wesleyan University

Areas of study you may find at Indiana Wesleyan University include:

  • M.S. Nursing - Psychiatric Mental Health

University of the Rockies

Areas of study you may find at University of the Rockies include:

  • Master of Arts in Human Development, Gerontology
  • Master of Arts in Psychology - General Psychology
  • MA Counseling
  • Psychology - Mental Health Administration

Northcentral University

Areas of study you may find at Northcentral University include:

  • Psychology - General Psychology
  • Psychology - Gender Studies
  • Psychology - Health Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Gerontology
  • PhD in Psychology - Gender Studies
  • PhD in Psychology - General Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Therapy with Military Families
  • PhD in Psychology - Health Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology - Addictions

Baker College Online

Areas of study you may find at Baker College Online include:

  • Bachelor - Psychology
  • MSIOP - Industrial/Organizational Psychology

American InterContinental University

Areas of study you may find at American InterContinental University include:

  • Healthcare Management - Gerontology

Colorado Technical University

Areas of study you may find at Colorado Technical University include:

  • Psychology
  • Psychology - Organizational Behavior
  • Psychology - Consumer Behavior

Penn Foster High School

Areas of study you may find at Penn Foster High School include:

High School Diploma
  • Penn Foster High School with Early College Courses
  • Diploma
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